Hey there! I’m Akane Sasu Sora, and welcome to my lyric library~

Songs are sorted by categories! Some songs appear in multiple categories (eg. a Vocaloid song used in an Anime) just so ya’ know~

All lyrics are free to use, unless otherwise stated in the lyric post. Please credit properly (My name, and a link to the original, if there is one).

Thank you~!

Who am I?

I’m Akane Sasu Sora! At the moment, I’m a freshman in college who thought YouTube seemed like a fun hobby a few years back. I’ve been doing it ever since~

As for my time on YouTube, I’ve had lots of fun! I made some really good friends, won some singing contests, lost some Chorus Battles, and contributed to some really cool projects! (I’ve voice acted in Yandere Simulator, and the Nisekoi English Dub Project)

You can view my work here!

Why Japanese?

It’s because my high school offered it as a language course! When I started as a freshman, I saw that there was a club dedicated to Japanese culture as well, and on the first meeting they showed an anime. I thought it was pretty cool.

Now I’m on my fourth year of Japanese Language/Culture (the college-level course) and I can translate most songs on my own pretty reliably! But, just to be safe, I always consult a translator and some native-speakers of the language before building lyrics.

I was also an officer of that club for the next three years. I was the President, my senior year.

Favorite Anime? (lol runnin out of questions for myself)

My favorite anime is Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai (The World God Only Knows)! The music is phenomenal, the animation is gorgeous, and the concept is so fun~! And when it gets serious, it becomes a whole ‘nother beast and it’s great. 🙂

If you wanna’ get a gauge on what kind of shows I like, just take a look at what songs I’ve done! If I’ve written for a song, that means I’ve watched the series in its entirety, and really reaaaally liked it. Completing a show is really important to my process; for me, context always helps when writing.

While it doesn’t always apply, for most series’, a good gauge at how much I like it lies in how many songs I’ve TLed for it. Just look at Nisekoi lolol


2 thoughts on “Akane’s Lyric Archive

  1. Yo! I’m a fellow animator youtuber from the Philippines saying that You are so talented for a High Schooler, I’d say that I’ll give your voice a 10 out of 10 or should I say a million, anyways keep up the good work and some day you’ll get a million subscribers 😁😁😄

    Liked by 1 person

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