Heart Pattern (Nisekoi S1 ED1)

Notes: dont ask about the visual

[Cover Release Date: (TV-Size: May 1st, 2015)]



The truth is not my strong suit
I would lie all the time to you, and to myself too
I’d like to pull my punches
All of this bickering: it’s not at all cute!

Of course, it’s both love and hate,
but I hate how my face and feelings don’t line up straight!
And I just wish you’d notice
the burning inside my chest!


Flickering, the little spark from my heart
flew into the air!
I followed it down the path, through the dark
and suddenly you were there!


Graphing the patterns of these thoughts that make my face glow!
Is this love? Wait, how the hell would I know?
If I can’t solve them I’ll just push them back for now though~

Until then, I’ll be here staring in your eyes,
surprise swirling around in my head:
This chaotic state I hate!

It’s so stupid!


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