Click (Nisekoi S1 OP1)

Notes: Finished this just in time for the manga’s ending, never got the chance to record. Bummer.

Thanks to Dima for letting me use part of his lyrics~

[Cover Release Date: N/A]



Memories of our love from back then!
With the Click of a heart
you’ve opened up my world again!


Aah, the times that we’ve shared
we hold them so close! It’s so unfair
to see the sands of time wear down at the lines
and lock them away! And yet you say


that fate doesn’t mean a thing,
’cause it’s our feelings that make our love so true!
And as we laugh along, although I might be wrong,
I can’t help but imagine “What if my first love was you?”


I know that no matter who, we grow up and forget
about everything that once really mattered…
So let’s just make some new memories instead!
And we’ll love them forever– remember again!

Life’s a puzzle, we’re missing a piece!
And although we found it: the lost girl, the lost key…
Memories of the promise we made!
With the Click of our hearts
you’ve opened up my world today!


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