Hana Gonomi (Nisekoi S1 ED5)

Notes: ‘Preferred Flowers’ was the second cover for Nisekoi Week! Marika isn’t my favorite, but I respect her passion a lot. This was written during the climax of her final arc~

[Cover Release Date: TV SIZE (September 15th, 2015)]



I’ll promise you, so promise me
That you, that I love you so…


All these memories held in my heart,
untouched, safe, yet falling apart!
Treasured times and emotions then…
When I’m with you, it continues– the STORY!


What’s coming only time will tell…
I hear the sound of wedding bells!
In the spring, choirs sing! I wonder what life has waiting for me?
But no matter what happens, I know one thing~!


Flower Bell! For you, I’ll change myself!
I’ll turn into a person that you can call yours!
Flower Bed! And all that I have said:
I hope you know it was all true!

As the flowers bloom…
I love you~


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