Order X Order (Nisekoi S1 ED4)

Notes: The first cover of Nisekoi Week! I’m really happy with what I pulled off, lyrically~

[Cover Release Date: TV SIZE (September 14th, 2015)]



You say you’re too shy, but I recognize your intent!
The same old story with the same events!
Okay… Today’s the day!

You won’t get anywhere dragging your feet! It’s stupid!
Can’t do it for you! I’m not the Cupid of your life~
Try as I might…


Even so, it seems that no matter how close
she gets to said and done
It comes along: something goes wrong,
and we’re back to Square One!


When your chance comes, I’ll fade away again
back to the background– I’ll wait here until then!
Watching you both… a shadow of hope?

Getting annoyed at that slow pace of yours,
I’ll show you how it’s done when it’s my turn, for sure!
But for now, I’ll give you your new ORDER!


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