Trick Box (Nisekoi S1 ED3)

Notes: I’m really proud of this one! Tsugumi’s my favorite character from this show, and I’m happy I was able to express that. Especially with the last few stanzas.

[Cover Release Date: (TV-Size: June 15th, 2015)]



Drowned out in our day-to-day lives
something that’s so small and very nice
Find the box and look what’s inside:
A flickering warm fiery thing!

Like a raging storm in my heart
burning through my body, tearing me apart
I can’t keep it down anymore!


But wait, what did I keep it down for?
This fuzzy feeling I used to abhor
has transformed itself into a word
that I’ve never felt before!


 Though I try hard to conceal how I feel
“It’s not real, an ILLUSION!”
Where the hell did you come from?
Your warmth shines down on me like the sun!

Like the fuel of my heart, when I’m with you
it grows too– this SENSATION!
You have changed the world to something new
There’s no way I’d give up on you so easily~!


Doubting that your feelings are true
I’m a hundred-something percent sure
Either way, I’m thinkin’ bout you!
“It’s not like I want to or anything!”

I can’t see what’s around the bend
and if that’s the case, why bother then?
I’m still learning how to live!
To me, life is one big magic trick


I cross the possibilities off the list,
but for now the “how” is still unknown!
I’ll take it from the top, so~


All these terrifying thoughts that I once fought!
I laugh it off, they’re not though!
I used to do things on my own,
but I can’t stand standing here all alone!

I’ll pick the petals one by one!
It has begun: a new kind of INTENTION!
You’ve created this new world of mine,
so welcome to my slice of life!
Hope you have fun!

Have a good one!


The date I’ve marked upon my calendar
Each space I have highlighted
I will life each day to the fullest, I’m sure of it!
I’ll embrace this face you’ve given me
I’ll take her by the hand and…


What I tried so hard to shield!
How I feel: it’s real, it’s no ILLUSION!
Her and I, we share the blame!
The two of us are one and the same!

Even though she’s something new,
it was you who made me who I am today!
You have given me another shot
’cause you are the key to the lock of my TRICK BOX!



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