Ai no Yokan (KamiNomi S2 ED 1)

Notes: ‘Premonition of Love’ has a really nice rhythm that I enjoy a lot~

[Cover Release Date: (TV SIZED – March 8th, 2015)]



This is not something that you can just
brush off like it is not important
It changed them, the dreary sounds of yesterday
become a melody~!


The morning weatherman said
there would be a nip in the air,
so I wrapped around my neck
an old red scarf that I used to wear!

Skies are blue, birds chirping too,
something new is coming soon!
Don’t know why, but that blue sky,
it seems clearer than it used to!


At the dawn, I throw away
that old me from yesterday!
It’s a new world! It’s a new place!
With a smile on my face, I call your name!


This is not what you’d call typical,
everyday, boring ordinary love!
It’s something more entertaining and magical
and I know for sure, you’re my destiny!

It is not something that you can classify
as a mere affection!
It’s so different!

I am so grateful! How do I say this?
“Aishiteru!” I love you with all of my heart~!


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