Koi no Shirushi (KamiNomi S1 ED1)

Notes: ‘Sign of Love’ kicked off KamiNomi week this year! This was the third song I’ve ever written lyrics for~

[Cover Release Date: (TV SIZED – March 7th, 2015)]



I could see the signs of love in your eyes
It might’ve been slight, but enough to know
As soon as I noticed, the needle of my compass,
it locked on and won’t let go!

Whenever our eyes meet, the sound of my heartbeat,
it sets my very core on fire!
But I can not rest ’till the pain in my chest will expire!
Until then, I’ll keep on running!


And yet, the way we met, it must be destiny
that we would meet at all! There are so many
people in this world
My vision swirls at this MELODY!

Our boring day-to-day was far too cloudy!
You cross the “i”s and dot the “t”s, well
something like that… I think that I’ve had
enough of these feelings for now!


For some reason this sky’s full of clouds!
I stand there speechless asking myself how?
Then I look down… Oh, look it’s you!
You took your hand in mine
And that was when I knew

the cause of all these new sensations,
it had a name, despite complications!
It was so simple, yet I couldn’t see
it was you all along…

‘Cause you are precious to me!


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