TrIGgER (Nisekoi S2 ED2)

Notes: This is definitely my least favorite of this Season’s EDs, which is a shame because Tsugumi is #BestGirl. The visuals are really nice though.

[Cover Release Date: N/A]



The danger of this case:
its level’s on the HIGH of HIGHS!
But I will keep it safe:
this lone weak spot of mine! (Of mine~!)


If he pulled apart my heart’s armor and looked inside,
what kind of girl would he find?
Would it just be me, or the “she” I’ve always tried to hide?
This side… this love of mine?


Take aim and fire burning, my heart yearning, head spinning around and
for some reason now it seems that I can’t control it!
If it keeps going like this, I can’t complete my mission,
but that’s fine, ’cause it seems that I have changed inside!

And somehow, you’re holding the key
so tell me
“How do I control these new feelings of mine?”


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