Hajimete Koi wo Shita Kioku (KamiNomi Insert)

Notes: ‘The Memory of My First Love’ is such a beautiful conclusion to such a beautiful series… Rest well, KamiNomi~

[Cover Release Date: (FULL – March 10th, 2015)]



As the daily grey of clouds passes by,
rain like teardrops fall from the sky
How did I… how did you
make me fall for you?

I guess there’s no rhyme or reason to it
People, holding hands, they find that they fit
It works out without a doubt in my mind!


Our days together I want to hold close
Slip through my fingers like snow…


The moments that we shared just flow away
They’re fluid like rain
I know they’ll never come again…

The sky clears and I see you standing there
It was then I knew
that The Memory of My First Love was of you…


Down the street from school, I rush through a crowd
“I’m a fool,” I say, just thinking out loud
Why do I keep on tryin’ to make my dreams come true?

And as I ran, I felt my face heatin’ up
My legs start shaking and my heartbeat has PLUSSED
And yet, I don’t want these feelings to stop!


I close my eyes and remember your voice
and when I opened them, you were gone…


And so, I vowed to stop remembering
I knew it would hurt
I sealed them tight with lock and key…

But, behind that lock, they’re moving still,
no matter what I do…
Because The Memories of My First Love were of you…


(Chihiro… I’m sorry…
I didn’t mean… what I said to you…)


The feelings that we shared run through the rain
They’re faded and grey
And if they vanish to the dawn…

In my heart, I know they’ll still be there
As we kissed, it grew!
Because The Memory of My First Love was (of you)

‘Cause The Memory of My First Love was of you…


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