Kizuna no Yukue (KamiNomi S3 ED1)

Notes: ‘The Way of Bonds’ was my favorite of the KamiNomi EDs. Season 3’s a wild ride~

[Cover Release Date: (TV SIZE – March 9th, 2015)]



My love for you
like a flower, it has bloomed!
And like the fallen breath of snowflakes
it makes me shiver just a bit…

All that I feel has been mixed into the real!
My like, my hate, my lust, my loving
they intersect at the street crossing!


The night, the noon, the morning,
you were there in my dreams~
It’s an ambition of mine
to stand there by your side!


I wanted to fly and protect you!
To take you in my arms
To hold you close, and keep you from harm!

And even though
The World God Only Knows
may turn its back on you,
just know that you are never alone!

(I believe in you.)


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