Mirai he no Tobira (KamiNomi OVA ED 2)

Notes: I did this song for JubyPhonic’s birthday! She voices the character in the English dub~

[Cover Release Date: (TV SIZE – January 22, 2016)]



My sweet feelings, piercing through like sunlit rays,
when I’m with you, my heartbeat, it seems to make


 Blowing over me, like a wind of happiness
steady, and gently turning the PAGES
Through the morning grey, the same as any other day
a new world to see, a new story is beginning!


So this door leads to “my most desired fate”!
If I were to open it, would the path that I’m on truly change?
I hold back my tears, because I know what awaits!

So I gaze to the blue skies above
and the gift you’ve given me, for these wings, I can’t thank you enough!
Made up of honest feelings and all of my love!

And all that I feel, you have now revealed
and though we’ll be apart,
for all that you’ve done, I’m grateful from
the bottom of my heart!


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