Yakimochi no Kotae -another story- (HoneyWorks)

Notes: I did end up covering this one for Akari’s birthday, but it got pulled for copyright. You can still access it through YouTube though, in the followup video I put up. As far as lyrics go, I’m very proud of this. You can see the improvement compared to the original version of this song, which I’d written 7 months before this one.

[Cover Release Date: (ORIGINAL – December 3rd, 2015) (RE-UPLOAD – December 6th, 2015)]



“My type of guy? Let me think about it…” I said
Words to get them off my back
But if I continue with this conversation,
I’ll have a heart attack!

I’m not too surprised by my own actions, after all
knowing that someone’s looking at me makes me nervous!
A troubled, flustered mess…


They say that falling for somebody is something that we should do,
and I would really like to once I find the right guy!
Until then, I’ll just keep having fun with my friends
A single bachelorette who’s content dodging the question!

It’s okay this way…


People near and far, no matter who they are,
if they’ve loved, then they’ve felt Jealous in their heart!
Is there some charm or prayer I don’t know of to start a love?
Take pity on those Gods above…


“Morning! Oh, looks like you forgot to comb your hair…”
I looked up into unfamiliar eyes
It was that boy from class I never really talked to…
It caught me by surprise!

Well, to be fair, I haven’t cared, my life’s been dull and slow!
Give some warm milk to a polar bear or panda,
they’ll fall asleep in no time!


Let’s just say that if one day, I have a person I like,
walking home together hand in hand would be nice…
It’s an embarrassing dream to have, I know that!
“Talking to myself…” Can’t you tell what I’m tryin’ to say?

But surely, someday…


Feeling Jealousy, it comes naturally!
It’s just something that all girls feel once or twice!
That in mind, the feeling’s normal, so am I!
So one day, I’ll be able to call it mine…


“There’s something I have to tell you. No, it can’t wait.”
“Meet me in the classroom after school. Don’t be late!”
We’d talked once before, I was unsure, but after
looking in your eyes, I felt my heart start to beat faster~!

‘I can’t meet his face…’


If by chance, this is a confession
I should wait and think about just what to say!
If that’s true, I’ll need that charm or prayer soon
After all…

I wish I was as brave as you…


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