Yakimochi no Kotae (HoneyWorks)

Notes: I wrote lyrics for this song back in April of 2015… Still haven’t gotten around to singing it. They didn’t come out as well as I’d hoped, but there’s some salvageable stuff in it. Maybe I’ll take another crack at it someday.

[Cover Release Date: N/A]



“My type of guy? Let me think about it…” you say
Throwaway gossip to me,
but for some reason I’m listening to you anyway
It’s so annoying…

Why do I care so much? I ask myself all of
these questions even though I’m the one who wrote them
The answers lie within


For falling for you, I feel I must apologize
Doubt I can bring myself to say it out loud
Love at first sight might seem strange to you,
but there’s no mistaking what’s taking place in my heart!

I am sorry, but


I won’t cheer you on! I hope your “Dearest” has gone!
And I pray that it will stay that way for good!
A wasted wish: what I really want is to be free!
A Solution for my Jealousy!


“Morning! Oh, looks like you forgot to comb your hair.”
Words that tumble out my mouth
You put a finger to your lips and say that we share
a secret, “Keep it now~?”

The smile you’d give me as you speak
makes me weak in the knees
Miracles like a panda’s black that’s slowly fading…
This world’s amazing!


I’m the kind of person who would hope that you’d get stood up
The guy that you like with someone else that he loves
“Am I monster for that? Definitely.”
“I know, I get it,” I say over and over again…

I see your tears and then…


Damn this Jealousy that’s controlling me!
I can’t stand that I can’t stand there by your side!
Dry your tears… I want to comfort you, my dear!
Realize I… want to be yours and you to be mine!


“There’s something I have to tell you. No, it can’t wait.”
“Meet me in the classroom after school. Don’t be late!”
Face is red, arms are weak, heart is pounding,
monster green, but it seems he won’t be around for long!

You nodded your head…


In my wildest dreams, I ask you out and you agree,
I know that I’ll make you smile every day!
That moment’s here! Open that door and close my fear!
Here I go…

“Would a girl like you go out with me?”


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