Kokuhaku Rival Sengen (HoneyWorks)

Notes: The cover on YouTube was originally recorded as a lyric demo for a friend, but was mixed last minute by BriCie for me when I realized I’d forgotten to record a song for Valentine’s. Bless her tender heart.

[Cover Release Date: (February 14th, 2016)]



“You’re the reason I fell in love!
Your kind words give me courage!”
Taking a deep breath, I stand up,

not a shred of fear in my eyes,
“Face my problems head on!”
This is my Battle Cry!


“You’re a guy? I had no idea!
You don’t look like one. Must be the hair.”
Yeah right! Virgo might be my sign,
but there’s no way that I would ever compare…

COMMUNICATION’s important!
Too bad it’s something I’m no good at…
Not just that, but the fact is
I pull off a crazy “Type-B” disappearing act!


Who knew it’d be so simple for you?
You saw right through me, down to the truth!
And what do I have for you in reply?
This lousy, half-assed answer of mine!


Everything had happened so fast!
Lovesick thoughts plague my mind and
dreams of you and I hand in hand!

Even though I don’t stand a chance!
Find myself making plans so,
somehow, deep down, I know there’s still hope

for me! But not yet! So just hold on a sec!
I’m not quite ready to be your KNIGHT just yet!
Alright then! I’ll shout it loud, “Let’s go!”
This is my fight-for-love war battle cry!


Made my way to that haircut place
that I hadn’t been to in so long
Put aside those glasses of mine
that I would wear to feel like I belong!

“I can tell you’re a guy!” Well, that’s fine,
I guess that’s the first step, isn’t it?
It’s not bad, but the fact is
I can’t help that it still weirds me out a bit!


With these thoughts, I open up the door!
I see more clearly than ever before!
The chances still seem pretty slim
so I’ll send my little request up to Him!


“You’re the reason I fell in love!
Your smile gives me strength!” and with
my eyes on the prize, I’ll dive in

even if it’s ZERO-PERCENT!
Can’t be helped, but what I felt…
“No regrets!” I’ll charge straight ahead!

Somehow you and I have the same girl on our mind!
Even so, I’m sure it’ll be just fine!
‘Cause I know that I like you a lot!
And for you… for you, I’ll give it all I got!


I became your knight to make you smile!
That face you’re making for that guy right now…
But, it means your knight can finally rest!
Farewell, my love. I wish you the best!


Everything had happened so fast!
Lovesick thoughts plagued my mind and
dreams of you and I hand in hand…

I knew I didn’t have a chance!
But I still made those plans, so
somehow deep down, I dreamed and I hoped!

I just wanted to thank you for everything!
For giving me this experience in this spring of romance!
To you and to him both!
I’ll shout out, and listen to it echo~!


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