Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu -another story- (HoneyWorks)

Notes: This version was written at a really trying time in my life… I’m just glad it’s over~

[Cover Release Date: N/A]



I was surprised how out of the blue
your confession was, because I love you!
Thumping so hard, the beat of my heart
makes me wonder if you can hear it too!


“How was my Confession Rehearsal?”
“Oh, I see…” though I don’t really know what that means…
So there’s “someone”. A guy that you love?
It doesn’t really make a difference to me.

“So, you really like this guy, don’t you?”
Sorry, I can see that it was misconstrued, but
I’ll make it right. Since we have time,
why don’t we stop at that ramen shop you like?


Tomorrow’s the day I will know the name
of the one who you say that you love!
Throwaway gossip to me, but
I can’t stand not knowing…


Just for today, and maybe the next
I will hear you out: the love you’ll confess!
Sure it’s annoying, no I’m not proud,
but I’ll never speak these feelings aloud!

“Practice harder!” It’s a part of
love to get jealous like this!
But I’ll lie, swallow my pride and
I’ll put up with it…


Morning horoscope’s on your side,
although I know you’re not the type to know your sign
but, deep down I’d hoped somehow you won’t
have good luck, and I could have you one more day…


Though I’ve tried, no, you won’t be mine
and my heartbeat slows as I wave you goodbye!
I’ll be strong, “I’ll cheer you on…”
I lied, ’cause I know you’re my…


“Sorry for lying! Here is the truth!
This Confession Rehearsal was for you!”
Shock on my face, I hear your voice break
as it comes to life! I feel my heart race!

That’s not fair! Don’t scare me like that…
I don’t wanna’ lose you!
With a sigh, a truthful smile
I say, “I like you too!”


Pounding so hard, the beat of my heart
I’ve made up my mind– I won’t run away!
I know it now, so I’ll make a vow:
I’ll tell you “I love you” every day!


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