Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu (HoneyWorks)

Notes: I’m super proud of these lyrics… Aaah, I wanna’ sing this so much~!

[Cover Release Date: N/A]



 “Sorry, I know it’s out of the blue,
but I’ve always wanted to say ‘I love you!’.”
Thumping so hard, the beat of my heart
makes me wonder if you can hear it too!


“How was my Confession Rehearsal?”
Bet you really thought I was into you! No way!
How’d you like it? Your heart jump a bit?”
Maybe not… “Alright, I’m sorry now, okay?”

“So you really like this guy don’t you?”
“Cut it out! Don’t say it so loud! It’s not true…
But if you don’t mind, if we have time
why don’t we stop at that ramen shop I like?”


Tomorrow’s the day I will go and
confess my love to the one I can’t say…
I’ll stay strong, so cheer me on
just like you promised me, ‘kay?


Just for today and maybe the next,
can you hear me out? I’m gonna’ confess!
Selfish, it’s true, but it’s nothing new
You grew up with me, so you know it too!

“Practice harder. It’s a part of
love to overthink like that.
I can tell, I know you well!
I see right through the act.”


Morning horoscope’s on my side!
You know I’m not the type to even know my sign, but
just for one day… I’m gonna’ make
myself into like, a really girly girl! (Hey!)


One last time, let me practice my
confession again! This is it! No more lies!
I’ll be strong… “I’ll cheer you on,”
you smiled, not knowing you’re my…


“Sorry for lying! Here is the truth!
This Confession Rehearsal was for you!”
Shock on your face, I feel my voice break
as I tell my love he makes my heart race!

“Every moment, can’t control this
feeling, what can I do?”
With a sigh, a cheerful smile,
you say, “I like you too!”


Pounding so hard, the voice of my heart
Can you hear what it is saying to you?
Thumping along, the beat of our song
makes me wonder if we both know the tune!


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