Kotoba no Iranai Yakusoku (HoneyWorks)

Notes: This was the first HoneyWorks song I ever did for the channel! Not the first I’d ever heard, but the first I ever recorded for, I guess. It was used as the 33rd ED of Naruto Shippuden, so I themed the lyrics from Madara’s perspective.

[Cover Release Date: (TV SIZE – June 5th, 2015)]



You will never be alone! Don’t be scared!
Take my hand into the promised land!
So, open your eyes!
Just look up into the sky~!


Somehow, fists began to fly,
when all we wanted was to say “It’s been a while!”
Walked away with bruises beared,
when all we wanted was a bond to share!

Forgive me…


I will be in your memory!
Just believe, and wait for me!
Don’t you worry! I’m coming!


The burning Will of Fire!
You’ve passed down the torch! A flame inspires!
Through all the pain! We stand up again!
If our shoulders are blown off, what then?

We’ll fight on, no matter the cost
for the bonds we thought we’d lost!
And from the start, even if we’re apart
I will keep that bond that we used to treasure in my heart
locked away, forever…


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