Pride Kakumei (HoneyWorks)

Notes: This is one of my favorite songs. Like, ever. I like it a lot.

[Cover Release Date: N/A]



I can still remember when I could not follow my heart!
From the start, it wasn’t easy being the real me,
but that all changed the day I met you!


Standing by the sunset,
I see my shadow stretch and grow!
Yes, I know who I want to be, all that I believe,
so I can’t help but feel ashamed…

Even if we’re different,
each step and every breath we take
You would break down my walls and with your bare hands…
Anything to be by my side!


Every time I’d stop and hesitate I’d find
that in that time you had left me behind!
“Can’t you see? You’re looking at your feet and not ahead!”
But what you said from the voice of your heart
pulls me through the dark!


I may be weak, but this time I will stand up!
I care now because you gave me a reason!
Those last words of yours
Now I have something to fight for!

It won’t be easy, of course not! A flame burning so hot,
this passion! For you, I’ll give it all I’ve got!
The strength you give me…
For you I will do anything!


Losing every time, I wonder why I bother to try…
“It’s not like I have a purpose.” Spouting excuses,
I’ll take my blade, leave it behind

Cutting through my mind’s haze, I hear a frustrated voice say
“How about you stop your whining? Work on your fighting!
Just cut the crap and pave your way!”


When we touch, I feel the beating of my heart
It’s like you ran inside and tore it apart!
“Can’t you see? You’re holding destiny in your own hands?”
I hear a voice calling to me again
…why is it crying?


I can just reach up and wipe all those tears off!
I’m being brave now! You gave me a reason!
Those last words of yours…
Now, I have something to fight for!

I still get scared, and I stumble! I shout and I struggle!
Even now, I can feel my bravery crumble…
But I can’t stop yet…
not until I see you again!


“I’ve picked up my blade.”

“I am not afraid.”

“I know where you are.”

“I am in your heart!”

“So just wait for me!”

“I’m fine waiting!”

“I will never lose.”

“I believe in you!”

So, now it’s your turn to move forward…
I want you to laugh until you’re heard!!


Words that are trembling…
I hear a voice screaming!
Your heart’s true feelings are finally speaking!
Those last words of yours…
Now, I have something to fight for.


I’m not alone, not in this fight!
A flame burning so bright
You’re there in my heart
You’re always by my side!

But we’re not done yet…
Not until I see you again!


Here I’ll stay, with you…
…laughing every day!


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