Matador Love (Nisekoi S2 ED4)

Notes: I really want to cover this... it's such a fun song. [Cover Release Date: N/A] FULL LYRICS VERSE 1 That sounds just fine! Press on, press on, these thoughts of mine! Amor (one more) señor (once more) Until it reaches your side! One last move left! Hand in hand and step by step, let’s dance … Continue reading Matador Love (Nisekoi S2 ED4)


Sleep Zzz… (Nisekoi S2 ED3)

Notes: I'm actually really proud of how this cover turned out! I recorded it after a 3 month period of being unconfident in my singing, and it came out really well, so that was nice~ [Cover Release Date: (FULL - May 1st, 2016)] FULL LYRICS VERSE 1 As the seconds, minutes, hours fly I don't feel … Continue reading Sleep Zzz… (Nisekoi S2 ED3)

Rally Go Round (Nisekoi S2 OP1)

Notes: Rally Go Round is fucked. Straight up. Lyrically, it's weird and tough to write lyrics for, and good luck singing it because the pacing is all over the place. It's so high energy a caffeine addict would have trouble. The original video was pulled down for copyright, and what we're left with is a cruddy cover that … Continue reading Rally Go Round (Nisekoi S2 OP1)

Taisetsu no Tsukurikata (Nisekoi S1 ED7)

Notes: 'I Made Something Important', the creepy nightmare fuel one. The methodical pace of the song goes well with Shaft's depiction of a doll-like cast, but it doesn't make it any less unsettling. In this ED too weird to put on air, we catch our first and only anime glimpse at Yui! That's always fun. [Cover … Continue reading Taisetsu no Tsukurikata (Nisekoi S1 ED7)

Souzou Diary (Nisekoi S1 ED6)

Notes: I tried to self-quartet this... and failed miserably. I do like this song a lot though, far more than its Season 2 counterpart. There was something so satisfying in hearing all the girls together for the first time~ [Cover Release Date: (Full - December 25, 2015) (TV SIZE - February 14th, 2015)] FULL LYRICS VERSE 1 … Continue reading Souzou Diary (Nisekoi S1 ED6)